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Lorenzo de’Medici Forms and Supplementary Information

This download page includes information and forms for the Italian international insitute — Lorenzo de’Medici — and their programs in Florence, Tuscania, Rome, and Venice, Italy.

Registration Forms are specific to the period of study; the PDF version are shown, but the “word” format is available on request to the European Heritage Institute.  Course Lists are specific to period of study, location, and special programs.  Housing information is specific to period of study and location.

General Lorenzo de’Medici Registration Forms:

Ldm Registration Summer 2012 | LdM Registration Form Spring 2013   | LdM Registration Fall 2012| LdM Registration Form January 2013 |Archaeology School – Registration Supplement 2012

Program Information Sheets & Course Catalogue:

LdM Florence Art/Design Certificates (Standard and Advanced/Professional)

Restoration Summer Workshop 2012

LdM 3-Cities Brochure Fall 2012

LdM 3-Cities Brochure Spring 2013

Tuscania – Archaeology School Brochure 2012

International Conflict Transformation Certificate 2012

LdM Academic Catalogue 2012-13

Program Calendar:

Click here for the schedule of Lorenzo de’Medici programs.

Course Lists by Location:


Florence Courses Spring 2013| Florence Courses June 2012 |Florence Courses July 2012| Florence Courses August 2012|

3-Cities Courses Spring 2013

International Conflict Transformation Certificate – Courses Spring 2013


Rome Courses Fall 2012Rome Courses Spring 2013 | Rome Courses June 2012 | Rome Courses July 2012 |


Venice Courses Spring 2013 | Venice Courses Fall 2012


Tuscania Courses Fall 2012 |Tuscania Courses Spring 2013   | Tuscania Courses June 2012 | Tuscania Courses July 2012 | Archaeology School Courses Summer-2012

Archaeology Certificate- Courses Spring 2013

3-Cities Program

3-Cities Courses Spring 2013 | 3-Cities Courses Fall 2012

Accommodations by Location:

Florence Housing January 2013  | Florence Housing Spring 2013

Rome Housing Spring 2013

Tuscania Housing January 2013|  Tuscania Housing Spring 2013

Venice Housing Spring 2013



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