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Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Venice offers a semester program in Venice in collaboration with Istituto Venezia (Venice Institute) in the heart of the Dorsoduro area. The Program takes advantage of the wealth of art and history available in Venice, the “Queen of the Adriatic.” The main building is located in Campo Santa Margherita, a lovely square close to the historic center and with easy access to all city points through the vaporetto (boat buses) and walking.

Program Options

  • Semester or Academic Year
  • 3-Cities Semester Program

Brief description of programs, costs, and other information are below. See Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Download page for: Academic Calendar, Course List by session and by selected programs, Course Catalogue, Information Sheets for Study Areas, Brochures for selected programs, Registration Form by session, and Housing,

For summer and weekly and monthly courses (credit and non-credit), see offerings at Istituto Venezia. In addition, see the diverse programs at other LDM sites: Florence, Tuscania (including Archaeological School), and Venice.

 Semester Program

LdM-Venice’s academic program draws on Venice’s extraordinary environment to offer special courses from the humanities, environmental sciences and culinary arts to art history, studio arts (e.g., glass-blowing) and Italian language. Professors guide students to discover the city’s exceptional resources and opportunities to gain a better understanding of Venetian culture and a deeper knowledge of the Italian language.

See Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Download page for: Course List by session.

3-Cities Semester Program

This program focuses on the roots of western culture — Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance. Students live and study in three cities which embody these civilizations in all their richness and splendor, staying one month in Tuscania followed by one in Rome, and then one in Venice (Spring) or Florence (Fall). See LdM Download page for 3-Cities Program Brochure and Course List.


Click here for the schedule of Lorenzo de’Medici programs.  Note:  There are no Ldm-Venice programs during the summer.  See Istituto Venezia for summer sessions.

Program Costs

Costs include tuition, application processing; visa and other assistance; Italian Health Insurance (for semester participants), packet for studying abroad; orientation; on-site assistance, and student activities within Venice. They vary for different program options and depend on selection of courses and length of stay. Costs do not include travel to Italy, books, supplies, lab fees, housing and board, and academic excursions. Housing costs are identified in the Accommodations section below.

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Semesters

  • $7,750 per semester (3 or 4 credits of Italian + 4 electives)
  • $6,950 per semester (6 credits of Italian + 3 electives)
  • $7,800 per semester: 3-Cities Program


EHI provides participants these options for their selection of housing:

  • LDM-assigned apartments shared with other students (double or single rooms)
  • Independently arranged housing

Availability of LDM-assigned apartments is limited to the academic calendar; students do not select their apartment. Costs are:

  • Fall 2012: $3350 for double room; $4000, single room per semester
  • Spring 2012: $3300 for double room; $3950, single room per semester

See Housing Information in LdM Downloads page for more details.

Language of classes

Classes are taught in English except for Italian and some supplementary cultural courses.

Examinations and Certificates

Courses require regular attendance, completion of projects and/or final exam for a semester or academic summer program. Lorenzo de’Medici issues the transcript for a student’s home university.

Excursions & Activities

LdM Venice regularly organizes activities  and walking tours of Venice, including day trips to local natural and historical sites. Specific information on excursions is available upon request.

Application Information

Persons who wish to apply should complete the application and send by mail or electronically to the European Heritage Institute.

EHI Standard Application

Fall and Spring Lorenzo de’Medici registration forms are available on the Lorenzo de’Medici Downloads page.



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