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Setting (About the School)

The Paris American Academy was founded in 1965 and is registered by the controlling body of the French University System, Académie Paris, as a private institution of higher learning under the July 12, 1875 jurisdiction. The objective of all programs is to provide participants with an opportunity to study art and design at a French school and have direct contact with the French culture and Parisian way of life. Its strong vocational approach prepares students for careers in fashion, fine arts and interior design.


The Academy’s location is in the center of the left bank Latin Quarter, less than one mile from the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It draws on Paris’ cultural and artistic heritage in making Paris its campus. Most classes take place in the Pavillon du Val de Grâce, an historic 17th century building which also serves as the Academy’s art gallery. Students and professionals from over 35 nationalities have participated in its intensive short-term seminars or academic-year curriculum.


The faculty is comprised of academics, professionals active in their field, and invited guest artists who provide students with a solid practical approach to professional requirements. Students work and study in direct contact with these professionals and benefit from a personalized learning environment created by a low student-instructor ratio. Thes apprenticeship style of instruction exposes the student to trend setters of today and encourages the development of individual styles.



Program Options




Major areas of study are:

Fashion: Stylism and Merchandising

Interior Design

Fine Arts (drawing, painting, etc.)

Writing Workshop (encourages writers or writers-to-be to develop their potential and range.


French language is included as part of each program or English for those who are French-speaking.


Semester/Academic Year


Major areas of study are:

Fashion: Stylism and Merchandising

Interior Design.


French language is included as part of each program or English for those who are French-speaking.


Click to see Testimonials for the semester program.




Summer: Click on the major subject area for a description of the workshop and courses offered. Each program includes two six-credit courses.

Fashion Workshop (Design, Merchandising)


Interior Design Workshop


Fine Arts Workshop


Writing Workshop


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Semester/Academic Year: Click on the major subject area to see the courses offered by year/level. The semester program identifies beginner-level courses, but participants with experience and/or course work can be enrolled at a higher level.

Listing of Courses for Fashion and Interior Design, by year/level


Semester/Academic Year Catalogue & Course Descriptions: Fashion and Interior Design


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Summer Schedule:

July 2-28. 2011, with arrival and housing on July 1st

July 2-28. 2012, with arrival and housing on July 1st


Semester Schedule:

Fall: September 19 – December 22, 2011

Spring: January 23- May 4, 2012


Academic Year Schedule:

September 19, 2011 – May 4, 2012


Click to see the detailed calendar for 2011-12.


Language of classes

The program is bi-lingual and uses both English and French. It not necessary to speak French, but participants will have the opportunity to use and/or study French.



Examinations and Certificates

Examinations take place at the end of the program and include an evaluation of projects. Transcripts are provided for one-month, semester, and academic year programs. The multi-year academic programs lead to an Associates Degree or Bachelor of Fine Arts.



Application Information

Persons who wish to apply should complete the EHI application and the appopriate detailed PAA application. For the workshop/academic year application, complete the section related to the selected program. Send by mail or electronically to the European Heritage Institute. Mail to EHI the $300 application deposit which goes toward the PAA registration fee and the program tuition. See the Apply section for details on the application process.

EHI Standard Application

(PDF) (Word)

PAA Semester/Academic Year Application/Registration: Fashion, Interior Design (PDF)

PAA Summer Workshop Application/Registration: Fashion, Interior Design, Fine Arts, Writing


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Paris’ housing has not kept pace with the population growth. Finding suitable and reasonably-priced accommodations is a challenge anytime. The Academy makes arrangements for participants to stay in an apartment (fully furnished, clean and well maintained) within close proximity of the School.


The cost is 3000 Euros for a semester and $1900 for the summer session. Other summer options through the Academy are accommodations at a three star hotel: $2400 for a shared room and $4,600 for a single room.


Applicants will receive a list of housing options, and EHI will discuss options and help identify the best available at the time of application that meet needs and preferences. Students can also make their own housing arrangements.





Tuition costs, including registration:



Summer 2011: $3600


Fall Semester 2011 or Spring Semester 2012: 6170 Euros (Euros estimated at US $8,650)


2011-2012 Academic Year: 10,270 Euros (Euros estimated at US $14,400)


For single courses, cost identified on request.


See Accommodations (above) for costs related to housing.




Activities & Excursions

The Academy organizes extra-curricular activities at student group rates during the summer program and Academic Year. These are optional and include: tickets to the theater, concerts or opera; a day excursion to Giverny (Monet’s home — open from Easter to the end of October) and Versailles, and two-day weekend excursions to Châteaux Country of the Loire Valley or to Mont Saint-Michel and Normandy.



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