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Perugia | University for Foreigners of Perugia


Perugia, a beautiful medieval city in the Umbrian Region, is rich in art treasures going back to Etruscan times. Located on a hilltop in Central Italy, the city is mid-way between Rome and Florence. Nearby are other famous medieval towns such as Assisi, Orvieto, Todi, and Spoleto.  Founded in 1921, the University for Foreigners of Perugia is the official Italian State Center for Italian Language and Culture. Its mission includes spreading the knowledge of Italian language, culture and civilization throughout the world. Many faculty are known world-wide for their research, studies, and publications.


The University offers a wide selection of programs and courses for Italian language, culture and civilization.   while specialized courses are offered at specific periods during the year.

Italian Language and Culture

Regular courses  of Italian Language and Culture are divided into six levels of language knowledge, according to the European system, and are offered throughout the year.  Each level includes at least 20 contact hours per week. All courses may be taken for one month, two months, or for the full session. Placement tests determine assignment to a level.

  • First Level Beginners Course [A1]
  • Second Level Beginners Course [A2]
  • First Level Intermediate Course [B1]
  • Second Level Intermediate Course [B2]
  • First Level Advanced Course [C1]
  • First Level Advanced Course [C1+], with focus on economic and business
  • Second Level Advanced Course [C2]

Entry in level A2 and above depends on the results of a placement test to be taken in Perugia.Descriptions are available for the courses in each level. See the Downloads-Other (Italy) for more information.

Intensive Italian includes additional class hours per week and limits enrollment to a smaller number of students. It is offered monthly for all five levels, but only from July through September.

Advanced Special Courses

Contemporary Italian Language, History of Art, and Etruscan Studies and Italic Studies are three special courses generally offered for a 2-week period in July. Other special courses are offered in August and September, but are not announced until the new calendar year.


The University’s monthly schedule is:

  • 2012: October 1-31, November 1-30, and  December 1-21
  • 2013:  January 7-31. February 1-28, March 1-29, April 1-30, May 2-31, June 3-28, July 1-31, August 1-30, September 2-30, October 1-31, November 1-29, December 2-20 or 23.

Italian Language and Culture

  • Monthly Sessions (all levels) start each month; students can take one month and then enroll for another program.
  • Two-month sessions (all levels) start in February, May,  August, and November.
  • Quarterly sessions (Levels B2-C1 and C1+) start in January, April, July, and October.
  • Six-month sessions (Level C2) start in January, April, July, and October.

Classes start on the first work day of each month, unless it falls on a holidays such as May 1st. In this case, classes start on the next work day, except for January when classes start the first work day after the Epiphany, January 6.

The schedule for Advanced Courses will be announced in 2013.

Language of classes

All classes are conducted in Italian.


The cost ranges from $1,600 and depends on the program and the length of stay. The cost includes university tuition, lodging (for one month) in a shared apartment or double/single room rented from an Italian family, Italian health insurance (if 3+ months), and EHI fees.  To give participants maximum flexibility in housing, only one month of rent is included regardless of the length of study. Thus, students have flexibility to extend or change housing.

Length of Study COST*
One Month $1600/$1700
Two Months $2260/$2430
Three Months $3120/$3360
Four Months $3780/$4090
Five Months $4440/$4820
Six Months $5300/$5750
Nine Months $7280/$7940
One Month – Intensive – supplement $200

* Includes initial month of housing for all programs. Second cost is for advanced levels, C1 and C2.

Examinations and certificates

The University for Foreigners of Perugia, part of the Italian university system, holds written and oral tests at the end of each quarter/six-month period for 3-month courses or six-month courses. Students completing the final month (if all prior months have been taken at that time or within a three-year period) may take the exam.  For study periods less than three months, students receive (on request) a Certificate of Attendance without grades; however, students can receive a grade for the 2-week special advanced courses of  summer . See the Downloads-Other (Italy) for more information on certificates.


The best available housing for one month is arranged for applicants based on preferences, and this housing can be extended or changed after the first month. Standard housing is in double rooms rented from Italian families and/or in student efficiency apartments modestly furnished and provided with linen and cooking facilities. Single rooms at a supplemental cost of $200 per month and independent apartments can be arranged.

Some housing arrangements may require a small deposit or a supplement for heat or electricity in Italy.  Fees vary by type of facility and landlord and can be determined only when specific housing or options are identified for a student.

Activities & Excursions

Visits to historic cities in Umbria and nearby regions are organized on weekends by the University for Foreigners of Perugia at a very low fee. The University also offers weekend trips to Venice, Rome, and Naples. Trips may also be organized for the Palio in Siena, Ravenna, Cinque Terre. Generally these are one per month during the academic year and up to several each weekend during the summer.

It is also easy to reach the hill towns of Umbria and Florence and Rome by bus or train. There are many train connections to other cities in Italy and other parts of Europe.


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