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Florence | Istituto Europeo


Istituto Europeo is located in the heart of Florence on its most famous fashion street and near the Arno River and Ponte Vecchio.  It offers programs for music (voice for music majors and instrument studies such as piano), Italian language and culture, studio art, art history, social sciences, the humanities, and other areas, as well as internships. All programs take advantage of Florence’s abundance of art treasures and rich cultural life.

Academic sessions take place in fall and spring semesters and summer.  Internships and courses in Italian, culinary arts and wine, some music classes, and some studio art courses are open year-round to those who wish to pursue these interests for varying periods of time.  Except for Italian, most courses are taught in English. Students are from all over the world.

Program Options

  • High–level music courses for voice (lyrical singers), piano, violin, and viola for  academic credit, preparation for admission to Italian or foreign conservatories, or for professional auditions
  • Semester program: three elective courses plus Italian or Super-intensive Italian, fall and spring (15 credits total/semester)
  • Summer program: two elective courses  or Super-intensive Italian, June/July/August (6 credits/session)
  • Internships (over 50 areas plus other customized placements)
  • Year-round weekly and monthly Language & Culture Courses (non-credit)

Semester/Academic Year or Summer Programs

Over 50 different courses offered most taught in English, except for Italian language courses and those specifically identified as taught in Italian.  Major subject ares are:

  • Music (voice, piano, violin, viola)
  • Italian Language
  • Art History
  • History of Architecture
  • Italian Literature
  • European and Italian History
  • Italian Cinema
  • Fine Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography)
  • Italian Cuisine and Italian Wines (non-credit)

For the semester, students typically choose three electives plus Italian. An all-Italian language program or only three electives are two other options. For the summer, students can have two elective courses or focus entirely on Italian. See Downloads-Other (Italy) for IE Catalogue with course descriptions.

Music Department

This Department offers intense didactical and high-level professional courses for lyrical singers (over 10 courses) and all levels for piano, violin and viola. Classrooms have instruments for music classes and practice. Some classes are offered on a group-basis while others involve private lessons. Courses are for: academic credit, preparation for admission to Italian or foreign conservatories, or for professional auditions, as well as instrumentalists who want to practice again or  to learn a new instrument. Monthly concerts take place both inside the Institute and in important historical places. An International Singing Competition held annually is reserved exclusively for non-Italian singers and concludes with the production of a concert.  See Downloads-Other (Italy) for  the IE Music Catalogue and for music history courses,  IE Catalogue.


Internships are offered year-round but start on specific dates every month, with a minimum duration of  two months.  Opportunities (in English and Italian) exist in over 50 fields with Florentine organizations, artisans, and businesses.  They are customized for an individual’s interest and/or field of study, with the possibility of other interships developed for unique needs.  The program includes placement and support services, 80 hours of Italian language per month, and worker’s compensation insurance.  See Downloads-Other (Italy) for the IE Internship Brochure.  Contact EHI for more details.

Ongoing Weekly and Monthly Courses

Italian and cultural courses are available from one week and longer throughout the year. Other short-term courses include: Italian Cuisine and Italian Wines.  Special studio art courses or experiences may also be arranged.


  • Spring Semester 2013:  February 3 to May 18
  • Summer Sessions 2013:  June 2-29, June 30 to July 27, July 28 to August 24
  • Fall Semester 2013: September 1 to December 14
  • Internship Start Dates 2013:  Jan 7, Feb 4, March 4, April 2, April 29, June 3, July 1, July 29, Sept 2, Sept 30, Oct 28, Nov 25


(Includes registration costs of IE, with the dollar estimated at $1.40 per Euro.)

Spring and Fall 2013:

  • Option 1 (only Italian): 3370 Euros, estimated at $4720
  • Option 2 (Italian + 3 electives): 4420 Euros estimated at $6190
  • Housing: about $3000 to $4000 per semester plus housing fee of $100

Summer Sessions 2013:

  • Option 1 (six credits of Italian): 950 Euros, estimated at $1330
  • Option 2 (2 electives, three credits each): 2370 Euros estimated at $3320
  • Housing costs will be about $950 per session plus housing fee of $100

Internships 2013: 

  • Duration and cost: 2 months: €2240 (c.$3136), 3: €3237 (c.$4532), 4: €4000 (c.$5600), 5: €4720 (c.$6608), 6: €5760 (c.$4390) 
  • Housing costs will be about $950 per month plus housing fee of $100

Year-round for Italian, Wine and Culinary Classes, and Studio Art: Costs vary by duration and type of program. Contact European Heritage Institute to discuss details and obtain information on fees for selected program.

Language of Classes

Courses offered at Istituto Europeo are taught in English except for Italian language or unless otherwise specified.

Examinations & Certificates

Istituto Europeo issues the final transcript listing all courses attended, grades received and credits earned. Courses require regular attendance, completion of projects and/or final exam for those in a semester or academic summer program. One hour of academic credit is awarded for the successful completion of 15 contact hours of class time, with each 3-credit, academic course comprised of 45 contact hours (3 hours of class/week for a 15 week semester).


Options available:

  • Student apartment: For those who want to share their experience with Italians or other students in furnished and well-equipped apartments, generally within walking distance from the School.
  • Apartment: For those who desire complete independence or those who want to come to Florence with family or friends. Many are in the historic center of Florence.
  • Other: pensiones, hotels, residences

Staff of European Heritage Institute consults with students on preferences. Costs vary according to selection; those for shared student apartments are indicated above.

Activities & Excursions

  • Optional excursions to other Italian cities and to countryside villas and wineries
  • Weekly visits to monuments/museums and seminars
  • Lunches and dinners at characteristic Florentine restaurants, parties
  • Trips to the theatre for concerts and opera (In the summer, trip to the Verona Opera)
  • Visits to artisans’ workshops to witness the Florentine craftsmanship of leather, jewellery, ceramics, antiques.
  • Sports: organized games of soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball
  • Monthly recitals and concerts performed by the students of the music department
  • Annual International Singing Competition
  • Student art exhibitions
  • Monthly Italian wine and cuisine courses

Application Information

Persons who wish to apply should complete EHI Application and send by mail or electronically to the European Heritage Institute. See details of the application process.

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