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Florence | Lorenzo de’Medici


The Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Florence is a school immersed in the city with 12 buildings in the historic center. LdM. Its main building began as a convent in the 13th century, and its campus contains a wide range of student facilities: numerous classrooms, large and specialized art studios (fashion, restoration, photography, painting, etc.), cafeteria, courtyard garden, library, student point, and computer center with wireless internet access. Students can get involved in arts activities and the community, volunteering or working for one of Florence’s many charities and community service associations.

Program Options

  • Fall & Spring Semester/Academic Year
  • 3-Cities Semester Program
  • Certificate Programs:  International Conflict Transformation, Archaeology and Ancient Studies, Art/Design Study Certificates, Art/Design Professional Study Certificates
  • Summer: May/June, July, August
  • January Intersession
  • Year-round Weekly and Monthly Language & Culture Courses (non-credit)

Brief program descriptions, costs, accommodations, and other information are below. See Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Downloads page for:  Course List by session or by program, Course Catalogue, Information Sheets for Study Areas, Brochures for selected programs, Registration Form by session, and Housing Information.

These programs are open to students and other adults.  See programs at other LdM sites: Tuscania (including Archaeological School), Rome, and Venice.

Semester or Academic Year Program

Over 30 areas of study and 250 different courses offered each semester in English (except for Italian courses) covering anthropology; archaeology and classical studies; art history; communications; cultural studies; gender studies; geography and environmental studies; history; international business; literature; mathematics; dance, music, cinema and theatre studies/performance; peace studies; philosophy and religious studies; political science and international studies; psychology; sociology; writing; culinary and nutritional arts; film, video and multimedia production; painting, drawing, and mixed media; photography; printmaking; restoration; sculpture and ceramics; fashion design, marketing, and merchandising; architecture; graphic design; interior design; jewelry design; Italian language. See Course Lists by program and session in LdM Downloads page.

Typically students choose the semester program with four electives plus Italian. Three electives plus six credits of Italian or an all Italian language program are other options. Internship courses can be an elective course for advanced studies in many study areas. The 3-Cities Program or Certificate Programs are other semester choices.

3-Cities Semester Program

This program focuses on the roots of western culture — Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance. Students live and study in three cities which embody these civilizations in all their richness and splendor; they stay one month in Tuscania followed by one in Rome, and then one in Venice (Spring) or Florence (Fall). See LdM Downloads page for 3-Cities Program Brochure and Course List.

Certificate Programs

International Conflict Transformation Certificate (spring semester, 16 credits) is carried out with the University of Florence and National Conflict Resolution Center of San Diego.

Archaeology and Ancient Studies Certificates are (1) Hands-on Archaeology (fall, Florence) and (2) Ancient Italy (spring, Tuscania) in collaboration with CAMNES (Center for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies). Each includes a semester plus two weeks of field experience at the Archaeology Field School in Tuscania with its Etruscan dig.

Study Certificates and Advanced/Professional Certificates are offered for these  art and design areas:

  • Fine Arts
  • Restoration and Conservation
  • Graphic Design and Visual Communication
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Marketing and Merchandising (Study Certificate only)
  • Interior Design
  • Jewelry Art and Design

See LdM Downloads page for Program Brochures and Course Lists for diverse Certificates.

Admission for Art/Design Certificate Program(s) requires review of portfolio.  Those with prior knowledge may be admitted to the second (spring) semester of study certificate programs. Advanced/Professional Certificate is for those with a solid background in study area.

Summer Program

  • One or two 3-credit courses per monthly session. Courses vary by month. See LdM Download page for Course Lists.
  • Studio Art Workshop (6 credits, 3 weeks in Florence plus one field week). See LdM Download page for Brochure.
  • Extra, non-credit cuisine and wine-tasting courses are also available.

January Intersession

  • One course (3 or 4 credits), Italian or elective
  • Two elective courses (6 credits)
  • 4-credit Italian course & one elective
  • Extra, non-credit cuisine and wine-tasting courses

Weekly and Monthly Courses

Italian, food, wine, and cultural courses are available from one week and longer throughout the year.


Click here for the schedule of Lorenzo de’Medici programs.

Program Costs

See below for costs of different program options that includes tuition, application processing, visa support in the USA and other assistance, Italian Health Insurance (for semester participants), packet for studying abroad, orientation, on-site assistance, and student activities within Florence.  Costs do not include travel to Italy, books, supplies, lab fees, housing and board, and academic excursions. For housing costs, see Accommodations section below and Housing Information in LdM Downloads page.

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Semesters

  • $4450 to $7,750 per semester: $4350 (16 credits of Italian); $6,950 (6 credits of Italian + 3 electives); $7750 (3 or 4 credits of Italian + 4 electives)
  • $7,800 per semester: 3-Cities Program
  • $7,900: Certificate in International Transformation Conflict (16 credits, one semester)
  • $9050: Certificate in Archaeology and Ancient Studies (15 credits, one semester, 2 weeks in Tuscania)
  • $13,500 (2 semesters): Art/Restoration/Design Study Certificates (15 credits/session)
  • $14,700 (2 semesters): Professional Study Certificates for Art/Restoration/Design
  • $330 (per trip): Academic Field Trips including overnight stay

 January 2013 Intersession (3 weeks)

  •  $1,150: 4-credit Italian course
  •  $1,650: one elective course
  •  $2,400: 4-credit Italian course & one elective
  •  $2,750: two elective courses
  •  $320: extra non-credit cuisine course
  •  $360: extra non-credit wine-tasting course

 Summer 2013, per monthly session

  • $1000: Italian (3 or 4 credits)
  • $1,900: one 3-credit elective course
  • $2,400: one elective course & Italian (6 credits)
  • $3,100: two elective courses (6 credits)
  • $4,150 for Art Workshop (6 credits, includes accommodation and full board for week in field site, transportation to and from site)
  • $430: extra non-credit cuisine course
  • $460: extra non-credit wine-tasting course

See Tuscania for costs related to Archaeology School.

Year-Round Program

Information is available on request


EHI assists participants in the arrangement of their selected housing. Choices are:

  • LDM-assigned apartments shared with other students (single and double rooms)
  • Homestay arrangement with partial board (through LdM)
  • Own apartment
  • Residences
  • Independently-arranged housing

The most popular arrangement is LDM-assigned apartments which are typically located in the historic area and within easy walking distance to the School and with amenities like a washing machine and internet access. Availability is limited to the academic calendar; students do not select their apartment. Costs are:

  • Fall 2012: $3300 for double room; $4000, single room per semester
  • January 2012 Intersession: $1000 for double room
  • Spring 2012: $3250 for double room; $3950, single room per semester
  • Summer 2012: $1000 for double room; $1200, single room per monthly session

See Housing Information in LdM Downloads page for more details.

Language of Classes

Classes are taught in English except for Italian and some supplementary cultural courses.

Examinations & Certificates

Courses require regular attendance, completion of projects and/or final exam for a semester or academic summer program. Lorenzo de’Medici issues the transcript for a student’s home university.

Excursions & Activities

Florence offers many activities all year. The program includes activities in and around Florence. There may be meetings with Italian or international artists. Lorenzo de’Medici arranges optional day trips around Tuscany (such as Ravenna, Siena, San Gimignano). Optional overnight excursions are scheduled for each study period at a cost of $330 per trip. Recent excursions have included: Rome and the Vatican; Cinque Terre and Portofino; Arezzo, Cortona, Montepulciano and Pienza (all in Tuscany); Venice; Hiking in the Alps and Lake Garda; and Pompei, Sorrento and Capri.

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