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Tuscania | Lorenzo de’ Medici


Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Tuscania is located in the historic center of Tuscania in the Lazio Region of Italy.   Its elegant 17th century building, surrounded by medieval walls has been remodeled with modern art studios and classrooms, teaching kitchen, computer labs, and library.  The nearby Etruscan necropolis serves as an excavation and learning site for participants studying with LdM’s Archaeology Field School.

Program Options

  • Semester or Academic Year
  • 3-Cities Semester Program
  • Certificate Program: Archaeology and Ancient Studies (spring semester)
  • Summer: May/June, July
  • Summer Archaeology Field School Programs: July, August
  • January Intersession
  • Monthly Language & Culture Courses (non-credit)

Brief description of programs, costs, and other information are below. See Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Download page for: Calendar, Course List by session and by selected programs, Course Catalogue, Information Sheets for Study Areas, Brochures for selected programs, Registration Form by session, and Housing Information.

See programs at other LDM sites: Florence, Rome, and Venice.

Semester Program

LdM-Tuscania’s curriculum takes advantage of Tuscania’s setting and importance for studying archaeology, humanities, social sciences, studio arts, culinary arts and Italian language.  Students are able to visit many sites relevant to the subjects offered.

Typically students choose the semester program with four electives plus Italian. Three electives plus six credits of Italian or all Italian are two other choices available. See Lorenzo de’Medici (LdM) Download page for: Course List by session.

 3-Cities Semester Program

This program focuses on the roots of western culture — Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance. Students live and study in three cities which embody these civilizations in all their richness and splendor, staying one month in Tuscania followed by one in Rome, and then one in Venice (Spring) or Florence (Fall). See LdM Download page for 3-Cities Program Brochure and Course List.

Certificate Program: Archaeology and Ancient Studies

LdM, in collaboration with CAMNES (Center for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies), offers two semester certificates:

  • Hands-on Archaeology (Fall, in Florence) — a 2-week pre-session at Tuscania’s Archaeology Field School + LdM Florence’s Fall semester (15 credits)
  • Ancient Italy (Spring, in Tuscania) –Tuscania’s Spring semester + 2-week post-session at Field School (15 credits)

Study includes field experience in Tuscania at a large and relatively recent dig where Etruscan tombs have revealed a wide variety of objects over 2,300 years in age. See LdM Download page for Archaeology Certificate Brochure and Course List.

January Intersession (3-week session)

  • One course (3 or 4 credits), Italian or elective
  • Two elective courses (6 credits)
  • 4-credit Italian course & one elective

Summer Program & Archaeology Field School

For the regular summer sessions (June and July) students can select:

  • One or two 3-credit courses per monthly session. Courses vary by month. See LdM Download page for Course List.

LdM’s Archaeology Field School, in collaboration with CAMNES (Center for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies), offers:

  • 4 weeks in Tuscania — 6 credits, July
  • 2 weeks in Erimi (Cyprus) — 3 credits, July
  • 2 weeks in Tuscania — 3 credits, August

In Tuscania students participate in an archaeological excavation (Etruscan necropolis), as well as explore major features of Etruscan culture and methodologies utilized in classical archaeology. See LdM Download page for Archaeology Brochure and Course List.

Weekly and Monthly Courses

Italian  and cultural courses are available monthly for specific times in the year.


Click here for the schedule of Lorenzo de’Medici programs.

Program Costs

Costs include tuition, application processing; visa and other assistance; Italian Health Insurance (for semester participants), packet for studying abroad; group Rome airport pick-up service on arrival day and bus transfer to Tuscania; orientation; on-site assistance, and student activities within Tuscania. They vary for different program options and depend on selection of courses and length of stay.  Costs do not include travel to Italy, books, supplies, lab fees, housing and board, and academic excursions. For housing costs, see Accommodation section below.

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Semesters

  • $4250 to $7,250 per semester: $4250 (16 credits of Italian); $6,750 (6 credits of Italian + 3 electives); $7250 (3 or 4 credits of Italian + 4 electives)
  • $7,800 per semester: 3-Cities Program
  • $9050: Certificate in Archaeology and Ancient Studies (15 credits, spring semester in Tuscania plus 2 weeks post-session)

January 2013 Intersession Program (3 weeks)

  • $1,150: 4-credit Italian course
  • $1,500: one elective course
  • $2,250: 4-credit Italian course & one elective
  • $2,650: two elective courses

Summer 2013, per monthly session

  • $1000: Italian (3 or 4 credits)
  • $1,600: one 3-credit elective course
  • $2,150: one elective course & Italian (6 credits)
  • $2,700: two elective courses (6 credits)

Summer 2013: LdM’s Archaeology Field School

  • $4,750: 4 weeks in Tuscania — 6 credits, July, includes housing
  • $2,800: 2 weeks in Erimi (Cyprus) — 3 credits, July, includes housing
  • $3,200: 2 weeks in Tuscania — 3 credits, August, includes housing


Language & Culture Classes: Weekly, Monthly during year in Florence. Information is available on request.


EHI provides participants these options for their selection of housing:

  • LDM-assigned apartments shared with other students (double rooms, singles for special requests)
  • Homestay arrangement (through LdM)
  • Independently arranged housing

Availability of LDM-assigned apartments is limited to the academic calendar; students do not select their apartment. Costs are:

  • Fall 2012: $2450 for double room; $2900, single room per semester
  • Spring 2012: $2400 for double room; $2800, single room per semester
  • Summer 2012: $700 for double room per monthly session; $900, single room

See Housing Information in LdM Downloads page for more details.

Language of classes

Classes are taught in English except for Italian and some supplementary cultural courses.

Examinations and Certificates

Courses require regular attendance, completion of projects and/or final exam for a semester or academic summer program. Lorenzo de’Medici issues the transcript for a student’s home university.

Excursions & Activities

The program includes activities in and around Tuscania. Optional overnight excursions are scheduled for each study period. Students may sign up and pay for them in advance.

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