The European Heritage Institute offers an opportunity to study French language, civilization and art in Paris, France. At La Sorbonne, participants have an opportunity to learn and improve French language and study literature and civilization at a prestigious institution of higher learning. At the Paris American Academy, participants can study fashion, fine arts, interior design, and art history. Participants have direct contact with the French culture and Parisian way of life.

Paris, the capital and cultural center of France, is the choice location to study French and art. The city has defined much of French culture to the world and Paris has dominated the intellectual life of the nation and its role in art is of international importance.




Paris, Notre Dame… it started between the banks of the Seine and has become much more now. The city is a true feast to be lived. Sidewalk cafés, open-air markets, tempting food and wine, bookstalls and other colorful attributes of the Parisian scene are to be enjoyed everywhere throughout the year. As a student you are likely to spend much time on the Left Bank, or more precisely the Latin Quarter which has maintained its individual character over the years.

With over 100 museums, Paris has truly one of the greatest concentrations of art treasures in the world. Not to be missed are the Louvre, the Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges-Pompidou, the new Picasso, and much more. And other places already feel familiar: Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur, or Arc de Triomphe…The quays of the Seine, the Marais, the royal gardens, the Tuileries, and Ste. Chapelle offer wonderful discoveries. Paris also bubbles over with life – open to creation, festivities and shows. It’s the Paris of the arts, fashion and the younger generation.

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